Hi, I'm Justinsuperstar.

I make stuff ... mostly videos.

You probably met me and I sent you here.

Let's continue the conversation - email me!


My video projects


Huboom! Action Testers
30-second promos created by, and starring myself and my buddy erik [ airing on The Hub cable network ]


The Indie Machines
erik and I make short films, generally for the internet


My Vidblogs & Life:Blogs
my voyages around the world, done artfully


Creators Spotlight
mini-documentaries about youtube producers

also ...

My YouTube page
youtube-y type stuff

Sometimes Funny
generally silly films by me and mike

One Trick Pony
all my stuff, lots of it very old

My Vimeo page
movies up in harrrr

Websites I started

Film Fights
a site for filmmakers to compete since 2003

a time machine for youtube

Online Video Contests
lists all the video contests happening on the internets


Apps I made (with help, obvs!)

Video Time Machine
25,000 curated videos form YouTube organized by year
[ this was the #1 iPad app in America and was recently acquired ]

also ...

Holiday Time Machine
2,000 holiday videos organized by year

Political Time Machine
2,000 potlical videos organized by year and candidate



Cool, thanks for checking out that stuff. If you haven't emailed me yet, you like, should.