Feature Film | 2020

My Dad’s Nipple Factory - A Love Story

My Dad’s Nipple Factory

In 2007, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

This started a journey that would change thousands of lives, and not just in the normal ways that cancer does. This started a ripple effect that would set my innovative, tinkering dad on the pathway to creating a new and better technique for woman who have had a mastectomy.

“My Dad’s Nipple Factory,” is a work-in-progress documentary, about what happens when your shy, conservative Christian dad gets into the nipple business – transforming your childhood home into a factory for making and distributing custom nipple prosthetics for women around the world who have lost one, or both breasts to cancer.

Brian Johnson, my dad, was never one to just accept things the way they were. Throughout his life he’s been the consummate tinkerer, inventor, and entrepreneur. Always ahead of his time, and never satisfied with the status quo, after my mom had one breast removed, he saw that all the options for nipple replacements were bad. Either unrealistic tattoos that fade over time, surgeries with profoundly dangerous side-effects, or badly designed prosthetic which wouldn’t match or stick.

After going to our local dentist for advice on what supplies could be used to create an impression from which he could duplicate a nipple, my dad started a hidden journey that left prototype nipples scattered in unlikely places throughout the house.

“My Dad’s Nipple Factory,” is the story of how my dad helped my mom feel complete again.

It’s an unlikely, quirky, and kinda weird love story, but it’s the truest kind of love there is.

Festival release anticipated in 2020.